Modern, Gender-Neutral Baby Clothing Shops That you Need to Check Out

Whether you are waiting to find out the gender of your baby, need some neutral, non-distracting outfits for your upcoming photo shoot, or (like me) you are a fan of how clean and classy gender-neutral baby clothes look, I have compiled a list of my favorite gender neutral online shops that you need to check out!

I had my second baby in October and we decided to wait until the end to find out her gender. I thought it was going to be a challenge finding cute gender-neutral clothing for her (yup, she’s a girl!!) but once I started really looking, I realized that it wasn’t hard at all. In fact, once I found the gold mines, it was really hard for me to stop ordering. 

So if you were like me, at the beginning of your gender-neutral baby clothing search, let me help you save some time and give you my secrets to finding adorable, classy outfits for that brand new babe of yours. 

Kate Quinn

Small to Medium Budget | High quality organic baby clothes in pretty, earthy colors | matching sibling clothes options!

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Kate Quinn is one of my favorite baby and toddler clothes stores for several reasons! One of the main reasons though is that while the original prices on their clothes are more in the medium budget range, they consistently have awesome sales that bring down those prices by 50% or more. They always post their sales on Instagram so make sure to follow them!

Another reason why I love these clothes is that they have a good variety of everything. Since finding out that my baby was a girl, I have definitely ordered more of the ‘girl’ options, but their girl options aren’t obnoxious and in your face. They are still very simple and clean looking which I am obsessed with! 

It is the same case for boys. While I wasn’t aware of this shop when I had my 2 year old boy, I have definitely gotten him some outfits in his 2T size and they are so soft and cozy!

The last reason why I love this store is because they use consistent gender-neutral colors and patterns for both babies and toddlers. This makes it really easy to get really cute matching clothes for baby and older sibling! Even if you are like me and have one of each. 🙂



Medium Budget | Super soft & stylish baby and toddler clothes

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If you have ever shopped at Zara, you know that it is just the best store for trendy clothes all across the board, right? Well if this is your first baby, you might not know that it is also one of the best stores for baby and kids clothing as well!

Their high quality, vintage style clothing is to DIE for! My favorite clothing pieces in both of my kid’s wardrobes are all from Zara. They also have really nice, neutral colors that work for both boys and girls.

They are closer to the medium, large budget, but if you can catch them in a good sale then they have really awesome prices that are very similar to Carter’s or Old Navy which are generally considered in the lower budget! I have also found that in order to get the BEST prices during a sale, you have to go shop in their store rather than online.

I have found some really awesome shirts and pants for under $10 in store, but never can find those prices online!


Lou Lou & Company

Medium to Large Budget | Buttery soft, high quality bamboo material | Soft and cozy gender-neutral clothing for newborns up to toddlers

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There is nothing better than snuggling a newborn in one of their insanely soft Lou Lou & Co outfits. I am OBSESSED with this brand because they use the highest quality bamboo cotton for all of their baby clothes! They also have the best newborn swaddle blankets that are huge and stretchy, so even the wiggliest of babies can stay put.

The thing I love about Lou Lou & Company is that they just focus on coziness. With my first baby, I dressed him up like a little man with jeans and flannels and pretty much things I would buy for my husband.

With my second, I want to savour every single tiny second of this baby stage! I refuse to buy her jeans because to me, that just means she is growing into a little girl and I don’t want that to happen just yet.

So if you have found yourself in a similar boat and want to keep your baby’s small for as long as possible, these cozy clothes (I especially love the two piece sets!) are perfect.


Carter’s Baby Neutral Line 

Small Budget | Basic, every day newborn essentials for a low price | Some organic options

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In my opinion, Carter’s is often a hit or miss when it comes to buying trendy baby clothes. They definitely sell a lot of styles that are NOT along the organic, vintage look that I have been talking about in this blog post. Generally I am not a huge fan of words or pictures on baby clothes, unless it is subtle like the onesie above. To me, it can look distracting and cheap.

With all that said, I have found some luck at Carter’s in their baby neutral and organic sections!

Kimono style bodysuits are my favorite! Here’s why: unfortunately, diaper blowouts are a common occasion with babies and if you have to pull those clothes either over the head or down their legs, it smears and makes a bigger mess. (sorry for that visual but it is the truth!!)

Carter’s has lots of great options for kimono bodysuits as well as some other basics that you can use in pretty much any outfit. If you are wanting to save some money for these everyday newborn essentials, definitely check out these two sections at Carter’s. Also, they have a giant sale every 1-2 months so sign up for their email list and wait for one of those to get some nice organic baby clothes for dirt cheap!

(Another deal-finder hack is to check when JC Penny and Kohls have sales on their baby clothing — which happens very frequently. They hold Carter’s baby clothing and sometimes the deals there are better than shopping at Carter’s!)


The Tea Collection

Medium to Large Budget | Adorable, trendy patterns | Good company that gives back

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While The Tea Collection doesn’t have a ton of gender-neutral options, the ones they do have are always really, really cute. It is a great store to shop for your baby’s clothes at after you find out the gender as well because their designs are so trendy and adorable! 

They are also a really great, ethical company that gives back to great causes. It is always nice to know that when you are buying baby clothes, you are also doing some good in the world because that company is based off of really amazing charitable values.


H&M Baby

Small to Medium Budget | Trendy clothes for a great price | Some high quality, organic options

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There are few things I love more than a good H&M sale! Before I had kids, I would scoure the woman’s section for myself, but now that I have kids I always end up spending all of my time in the baby and kids sections because they always have the CUTEST stuff for ridiculously good prices! 

They have a great range of lower and higher end pieces so anyone can shop there no matter what kind of budget you are sticking to.

I also love that they have awesome baby essentials sets, but they also have really cute signature pieces that are simultaneously comfy and vintage. 

If you have a larger budget, I also highly recommend checking out their baby knits. They are are to die for an amazing quality!

Happy online shopping!!




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