Light and Airy Newborn Photo Shoot in Seattle

One of my favorite parts about baby-led newborn photography is that I get to capture their natural movements so their parents can remember what was so uniquely THEM at this short time in their life.

And eventually, when this baby is all grown and old, they can look at their own pictures and think, “wow, that was me!”

and THEN, my favorite thought, when they start to have babies of their own, they can compare pictures and find similarities between how they were as a baby and what their current baby is like.


Hadley was crackin me up because just loved sticking her legs straight out like this. Instead of manipulating and contortion-ing her into a pose that I wanted her to be in, I snapped a pic of these adorable little chicken legs.

Who knows, maybe her babies one day will want to do the exact same thing?

Here are some of my favorites from this session. Enjoy!!

Funny story, I actually made this bow that Hadley is wearing! I hosted my friend’s baby shower last month and that was the activity that we decided to do. I didn’t intend on using it for my newborn photo shoots but Hadley’s head was so tiny that all of my usual bows didn’t fit her.

The pack of nylon headbands that I bought off of amazon were much smaller (which you could then stretch out after you made your bow to fit a normal baby’s head) so I went and grabbed my hand-made bow and voila! This baby is a girl!

Hadley’s parents were so funny because even the preemie clothes that they had were too small for her, much less any girly accessories like head bows. In fact, the outfit she came in was pretty gender neutral but her parents said she looked just like a boxing coach in it and after I saw her in that light, I couldn’t un-see her as a boxing coach hahaha.


Courtney Wilde

Courtney Wilde is a pregnancy, newborn, and milestone photographer in West Seattle, Washington. She serves the greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. Her newborn photoshoots take place in her in-home studio in West Seattle.

Courtney’s work reflects a light & airy, natural, and timeless style for young families seeking flowy, romantic photos that will capture their joy for generations to come.


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